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Massachusetts Sheriffs


Founded in March of 1983, the Massachusetts Sheriffs’ Association (MSA) supports, promotes, and advocates for each of the 14 Sheriffs' Offices in the Commonwealth. The MSA facilitates cooperative and collaborative relationships among the Sheriffs for the purpose of developing standardized training, reporting, providing governance over shared projects, discussing operational best practices, and providing research and data on matters of mutual interest and concern. The MSA improves public safety by promoting greater understanding of issues impacting the Massachusetts Sheriffs and by bringing together law enforcement and criminal justice professionals. 


The mission of the Massachusetts Sheriffs' Association is to protect and enhance the Office of Sheriff and the communities and constituencies in which they serve.  



  • Integrity  

  • Trust 

  • Respect 

  • Compassion 

  • Commitment 

  • Accountability


  • To protect and enhance the Office of Sheriff. 

  • To advance legislation for the betterment of the Commonwealth. 

  • To foster continued education and training for the advancement of our sheriffs and their personnel. 

  • To support fellow sheriffs in the performance and discharge of their statutory duties. 

  • To expand evidence-based programming and services for justice involved individuals to improve opportunities for successful re-entry.  

  • To enhance public awareness about the Office of Sheriff through effective communication, reporting, and transparency. 

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