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Boston, MA

Criminal Justice Cross-Tracking System

In a significant stride toward enhancing public awareness and transparency, the Massachusetts Sheriffs' Association announces the release of the Criminal Justice Cross-Tracking System.


The public dashboard is the latest effort of the Massachusetts Sheriffs’ Association, on behalf of the Massachusetts Sheriffs, working collaboratively with the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPPS) and other criminal justice partners to fulfill requirements within the 2018 Criminal Justice Reform Act. As part of the 2018 Massachusetts bill signed into law, Criminal Justice Reform (CJR) required the creation of a standardized data collection and reporting system for criminal justice agencies and the Trial Court.

The dashboards and datasets integrate a growing body of more than 9 million records from Massachusetts Department of Correction (DOC) and the Commonwealth's 13 Sheriffs' Offices that hold incarcerated individuals. Integrating the records dating back to January 2017 required statewide collaboration to agree on a governance framework, develop cross-agency data-sharing practices, and establish common data definitions across criminal justice custodial agencies.


To view the homepage for the dashboards and datasets that display and provide the Commonwealth’s criminal justice data for public use, visit this link.

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