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Old Dukes County Jail


2023-Present: Sheriff Nicolas Cocchi, Hampden County

2020-2022: Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins, Suffolk County
020: Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian, Middlesex County
2017: Sheriff Joseph D. McDonald, Plymouth County
2016-2017: Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins, Suffolk County
2014-2015: Sheriff Joseph D. McDonald, Jr., Plymouth County
2010-2013: Sheriff Michael G. Bellotti, Norfolk County
2009: Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral, Suffolk County
2007-2008: Sheriff Frank G. Cousins, Jr., Essex County
2005-2006: Sheriff James M. Cummings, Barnstable County
2003-2004: Sheriff Michael J. McCormack, Dukes County
2001-2002: Sheriff James V. DiPaola, Middlesex County
1999-2001: Sheriff Richard J. Rouse, Suffolk County
1996-1998: Sheriff John M. Flynn, Worcester County
1994-1996: Sheriff Robert J. Garvey, Hampshire County
1993-1994: Sheriff Peter Y. Flynn, Plymouth County
1987-1992: Sheriff Robert C. Rufo, Suffolk County
1985-1986: Sheriff Carmen C. Massimiano, Berkshire County
1984: Sheriff Edward F. Henneberry, Middlesex County
1984: Sheriff Michael J. Ashe, Hampden County
1983: Sheriff Clifford C. Marshall, Norfolk County

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