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Officer Training


Officer Training

Massachusetts Sheriffs' Association Education and Training Committee


The Massachusetts Sheriffs' Association Education and Training Committee (MSA-ETC) is responsible for developing and guiding correction officer training, curriculum development, and coordinating and standardizing training for all Massachusetts Sheriff's Offices.

The MSA-ETC meets monthly to ensure training standards and guidelines as set by 103 Code of Massachusetts Regulations 915 are met. CMR guides the training and staff development for county correctional facilities to review and revise training standards.


The MSA-ETC instructors are required to hold multiple certifications including: the American Heart Association, the Municipal Police Training Committee, the National Institute of Corrections, and the American Jail Association. Regular sub-committees include medical and emergency response, professional development, less-lethal force, fire safety, and crisis intervention. The MSA is committed to provide training that emphasizes excellence in leadership, ethics, and innovation. 

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