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HCSO Receives Community Prestige Awards

Hampden County Sheriff Nick Cocchi and several members of the Sheriff's Office were honored on Thursday, August 10 at the 2023 Digital Boombox Network Prestige Award Ceremony. The awards ceremony was dedicated to celebrating exemplary community leadership.

"I am honored and humbled that the Digital Boombox Network chose me and several members of the Sheriff's Office for the Community Prestige Award," said Sheriff Nick Cocchi. "Since I took office, we've worked hard to increase our level of community engagement as well as the opportunities we create for the justice involved. But I am not responsible for all the accolades this department gets. I give that credit to our staff who do good work 365 days a year. This especially includes Security Chief Louis Weir, Primary Captain James Brown, and of course, the voice of the valley, Kenny Barnett. It is them and the other members of the Hampden County Sheriff’s Office that I throw back this award to for what they do every day on behalf of the people we serve."

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