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HCSO Unveils New Children's Book Series

The third graders at Liberty Elementary School in Springfield got a visit from Hampden County Sheriff Nick Cocchi and his team to unveil a new children's book.

The Hampden Sheriff's Office has teamed up with Link to Libraries, a nonprofit organization dedicated to getting new books into the hands and homes of underserved children and elementary school libraries.

The first book is based on Brooklyn, the leader of HCSO's Emotional Support Division, The book, by Maria T. Puppolo, focuses on the Sheriff's Bullmastiff celebrating a birthday.

"We wanted to make our classroom readings extra special for the young people we engage, so you will see Maria and various staff members penning stories, which become books thanks to our Communications and Graphics departments," Sheriff Nick Cocchi said. "Working with Link to Libraries to launch the series just made sense as we both want to see local students getting more excited about reading."

Students also got a surprise visit from Brooklyn, the interactive visit is the latest in the Sheriff's Office's efforts to engage young people positively, building bridges with the law enforcement community at a young age.

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