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MSA Elects New Administration

Hampden County Sheriff Nicholas Cocchi and Norfolk County Sheriff Patrick McDermott have been elected by their fellow Sheriffs to serve, respectively, as President and Vice President of the Massachusetts Sheriffs’ Association (MSA). And as part of new bylaws recently passed by the MSA, Dukes County Sheriff Robert Ogden will serve as the first Associate Vice President of the MSA.

“I am excited and honored for the opportunity to serve as president of the MSA, and to advocate for the good work being done by Sheriff’s Offices across the Commonwealth,” said Sheriff Cocchi. “As a collective, I think we’re definitely on the forefront of setting positive trends in corrections and defining what a modern Sheriff’s Office should look like in the 21stCentury.”

The change in leadership comes following Sheriff Cocchi’s tenure as vice president, along with outgoing MSA President, Suffolk County Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins. Sheriff McDermott, who took office in 2020, said he is looking forward to advocating for the good work being done in corrections in his role as vice president.

“I am honored to have the confidence of my fellow Sheriffs as the incoming Vice President. The Massachusetts Sheriffs’ Association serves an important role in promoting and enhancing the work of our correctional community. The consistent excellence of that work is a testament to the quality, character, and commitment of the Sheriffs of Massachusetts.” said Sheriff McDermott. “I look forward to continue working alongside these dedicated public servants, our Legislature, the Judiciary and the Governor’s executive offices to build a collaborative partnership which meets the public safety needs of the Commonwealth and elevates the services provided to those in our custody and care.”

Sheriff Ogden, who took office in 2017, said he is excited about the opportunity to serve as the first associate vice president.

“I am deeply humbled and honored to be elected by my fellow Sheriffs, representing the 14 counties in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as Associate Vice-President of the Massachusetts Sheriff’s Association,” Sheriff Ogden said. “My election reflects a modern forward thinking association predicated on equality, inclusion, and acknowledgement of the equal and diverse roles our agencies each play in ensuring public safety and security throughout the Commonwealth.”

Established 35 years ago, the Massachusetts Sheriffs’ Association is comprised of the 14 duly-elected county sheriffs serving across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In their official MSA roles Sheriff Cocchi, Sheriff McDermott and Sheriff Ogden will work in concert with the MSA body and its strategic partners to better educate and inform their collective constituency about the important work that the sheriffs are doing to advance and enhance programs and services that address behavioral health and substance use, women’s programming, reentry services, LGBTQI-specific programming, and a host of others.

“The Sheriff’s Offices are on the forefront of helping with substance use disorder and mental health issues that lead so many into the criminal justice system,” said Sheriff Cocchi. “Together, we can work to expand best practices across Massachusetts and evolve the Office of Sheriff to best serve the residents while addressing unmet needs in our communities.”

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