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Second Annual Massachusetts Emerging Adult Summit

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

The Massachusetts Sheriffs' Association, several sheriffs and their staff members attended the 2nd Annual Massachusetts Emerging Adult Summit in Norwood, MA. The Summit was designed to bring together colleagues from across the state to explore best practices in creating successful pathways for emerging adults (individuals age 18-25) involved in the justice system. The Emerging Adult Summit was co-sponsored by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, the Municipal Police Training Committee, Roca, UTEC, and ForHealth Consulting at UMass Chan Medical School.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear from individuals with lived experience, national experts in supervision and correctional practices.

Panel discussions included the following topics: District Attorney Panel Perspectives: Balancing Emerging Adult Practices with Accountability, Law Enforcement and Providers: The Critical Relationship Between Law Enforcement and Outreach/Service Providers, and the DOC Panel Emerging Adult Programs in Corrections: Impact on Successful Reentry – MAGIC & BRAVE Units, and more.

Middlesex Sheriff Peter Koutoujian also participated during a breakout panel session. He spoke on a panel discussing officer health and wellness and the impact on culture and climate when working with emerging adults.

There were more than 200 registrants from 10 counties representing over 60 agencies and departments across the state of Massachusetts.

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