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Women's History Month: Superintendents

As Women's History Month comes to a close, we reflect on the remarkable achievements of the women serving as Superintendents in Sheriff's Offices across the Commonwealth. Among these leaders stands Essex County Sheriff's Office Superintendent Heidi Mora, Franklin County Sheriff's Office Superintendent Lori Streeter, and Norfolk County Sheriff's Office Superintendent Danielle Frane.

Heidi Mora serves at the Superintendent at the Essex County Sheriff Office.

With over 23 years of service, Heidi Mora has served in a variety of ranks and roles with the Essex County Sheriff's Office. Superintendent Mora joined the office in 2000 as a correctional officer and throughout her career served as a frontline supervisor rising through the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Shift Commander.  

     Superintendent Mora has received training and completed the Department of Corrections Train the Trainer Program, the Critical Incident Support Team Member Program, and the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency ICS-300 Certificate. She has served as the Office's DCJIS Agency Head and implemented and coordinated with the courts the use of Video Conference to modernize, streamline, and provide a cost-effective approach to the judicial process.

     In 2019, she applied and participated in a rigorous process to include a multi-member panel interview and an assessment center to ultimately be awarded her current role as Superintendent of the Essex County Sheriff's Office Pre-Release Center and Women In Transition facilities. She has served on command staff promotional interview panels for neighboring county Sheriff's Offices as well as colleges.    

“I am grateful to be allowed the opportunity to grow in my role as Superintendent, where I am able to tap into my past experiences and incorporate this knowledge into today's initiatives to better serve our community,” said Mora. “I have the opportunity to watch many incarcerated men and women from many different backgrounds participate in educational classes, vocational trades, and treatments to ultimately become more engaged and confident human beings. I credit the dedicated professionalism of both uniform and civilian staff within the Sheriff's Office for the great strides and success over the years.”

Lori M. Streeter serves as the Superintendent at the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

Lori M. Streeter's career in corrections started over 30 years ago as a part-time Correctional Officer at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in Greenfield. During her tenure, she has moved through the ranks of the Security Division, early on as the Lieutenant in charge of Policy Development/Standards and Compliance. As she took on more supervisory responsibilities, she became an ADS in charge of the Security, Training, and the Medical Divisions.

Working under three Sheriff’s, her goal has always been to develop and encourage opportunities for female staff members. She has been fortunate to work under Sheriff Donelan since his election in 2011, and specifically since she was appointed to the position of Superintendent/Special Sheriff in September of 2014.

Alongside Sheriff Donelan, she has had many women move into supervisory positions in the Security, Treatment and Programs, Medical, and Administrative areas. Today, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is proud to have many women in supervisory positions including female Sergeants, Lieutenants, Managers and three female Assistant Superintendents.

"I take great pride in the role I have played in cultivating leadership opportunities for women at our agency," said Streeter. "I am also so proud to watch our existing female leaders continue to mentor and encourage other officers and staff members of Franklin County."

Danielle Frane serves as the Superintendent of the Norfolk County Sheriff's Office.

Danielle Frane currently serves as the Superintendent of Jail Operations at the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office in Dedham, Massachusetts. In this role, she commands all Uniformed, Programs, Medical, Mental Health and Classification staff of approximately 300. She oversees the daily operation of the facility and serves as a liaison to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and the courts.

She is a Commissioner for the American Jail Association Jail Manager Certification Commission as well as a member of the Legislative Affairs committee. Superintendent Frane is a Certified Jail Manager, Certified Corrections Executive, and Certified Correctional Healthcare Professional. She is a graduate of the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) Senior Management Institute of Policing (SMIP) Session 87 and a recipient of the FBI LEEDA Trilogy Leadership Award.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia Southern University and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Fisher College. Superintendent Frane is an adjunct professor at the University of Massachusetts – Boston campus. Recently, Superintendent Frane was selected to be a Technical Assistance (TA) Coach for the Jails and Justice Support Center (JJSC). She has presented at multiple national conferences in the area of PREA, Objective Classification, Innovative Programming, Behavior Modification Plans, and Re-Entry.

The end of Women's History Month serves as an important reminder of the invaluable contributions made by women in positions of leadership, including those who oversee our county jails. Through their dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment to justice, Superintendents Mora, Streeter, and Frane exemplify the spirit of progress and empowerment that continues to inspire us all.

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