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Barnstable Sheriff Completes Sheriff Leadership Development Course

Barnstable County Sheriff Donna D. Buckley completed the 120th session of the National Sheriffs’ Institute (NSI) Leadership Development Course hosted at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Buckley was nominated for this no-cost leadership program along with 22 other sheriffs from across the country. The NSL course prepares first-term sheriffs for success in office and strengthens the leadership skills of elected sheriffs. The NSI is the only executive leadership training program designed specifically for sheriffs.

“This training has been enormously helpful to me as a newly elected sheriff,” Buckley said. “I learned a great deal from my colleagues from all over the U.S. The sheriffs from San Diego and Seattle shared common experiences with the sheriffs from Bottineau County, North Dakota, and Johnson County, Iowa. We all have similar problems and took home inspiring solutions.”

Sheriff Buckley participated in the leadership course held from August 7 to 11. The NSI was first developed and presented in the early 1970s to meet the evolving demands of the sheriff’s office.

“We are grateful to our partners at the FBI,” said Dr. Alix McLearen, acting director of the National Institute of Corrections (NIC). “The Academy provides a rich learning environment for our nation’s sheriffs to exchange ideas with one another, interact with faculty, and be exposed to various speakers, including FBI faculty.”

The program is provided by the National Institute of Corrections, U.S. Department of Justice, in collaboration with the Major County Sheriffs of America. The NSI also offers a Jail Administration course, which enhances the sheriffs’ knowledge of their responsibilities in leading the operations of a correctional facility.

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