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Berkshire Sheriff Staff Participate in Charity Hockey Game

Staff members from the Berkshire County Sheriff's Office played in a charity hockey game against the Bruins Alumni Team on Saturday, January 13.

The Berkshire County Law Enforcement team faced off with the Bruins Alumni at the Jackman L. Stewart Athletic Center at the Berkshire School and raised an estimated $50,000 for charity. The funds will help support a Pugzee Farm initiative to develop local mental health and wellness services for members of the Berkshire County Law Enforcement community and the Warrior for Life Fund, who provides support to active duty, veterans, and their families through sport and community as they navigate the unique challenges of combat deployments and life after service.

The Berkshire Law Enforcement team includes staff members from the Pittsfield Police, the Mass State Police and the Berkshire Sheriff's Office. Players from the sheriff's office included Tim O’Keefe (Major and Director of Security); Kyle Marquis (Sergeant), and Brian Barber (Sergeant).

During the game, O'Keefe had three assists and Barber had one goal but the Bruins Alumni ultimately won the game 8-5.

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