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HCO Wins Award For Nurturing Fathers Program

The Hampshire County Sheriff's Office (HSO) received the Paul Cellucci Award from the Children’s Trust during their gala on Thursday, October 5 for their Nurturing Fathers Program.

The HSO has been an instrumental partner with the Children’s Trust in helping to bring the Nurturing Fathers Program to the Hampshire County House of Correction and then expanding it into the local community. The community-based approach to corrections reflect Governor Cellucci and the Children’s Trust’s commitment to elevating the importance of dads in the lives of their children.

"I am so proud of our staff, who have worked wonders with this program," Hampshire County Sheriff Patrick Cahillane said. "It is their work, and the work of the men who choose to take the Nurturing Fathers course, that has made our program such a success."

“We are grateful to Sheriff Cahillane and his team, not only for their deep partnership with the Children’s Trust, but for their commitment to supporting families in a strength-based way,” said Jennifer Valenzuela, Executive Director of the Children’s Trust. “Because of the Sheriff's dedication to this work, Hampshire County has many more fathers with a deeper understand of the important role they play in the lives of their children and a commitment to being the best dads they can be."

"I believe that strong, safe families help build strong, safe communities," Sheriff Cahillane said. "Our staff has done great work with this program and we are proud and grateful to be a partner with Children’s Trust in this important mission."

This video produced by the Children’s Trust showcases the impact of the Nuturing Fathers program:

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